Entire Home

Build two unique luxury homes in a waterfront location to mirror owners Italian yacht. State of the art and top of the line products used throughout


Disassemble, redesign and rebuild unfinished new homes
Electronic entry gates with slate driveway
Expansive three story entry with open curved custom stairwell
Commercial elevator with marble column entry
Large window sizes require tempered glass and custom made frames
Curved trellis work
Marble decks on all levels with integrated gutter system and custom railings
Roof deck with spa on the fourth floor with fantastic views
Built in computerized electrical and lighting system to run the entire home
Automatic generator system
Take a small space and make a state of the art kitchen incorporating the dining area and views
Create luxurious bathrooms with natural stone slabs cut into many unusual shapes and patterns, suspended cabinetry, unique glasswork and top of the line electronics
Extensive custom woodwork incorporating wood paneling, integrated bookshelves, entertainment cabinetry, curved crown moldings, unusual ceiling patterns, picture frames, art display cabinets and bookcases Complex flooring uses marble slabs cut into multiple shapes and inlays with over twenty different types of stone
Professional theatre room with state of the art electronics and sound